Welcome to MarcoPoloMoney. On this blog, we will explore all different aspects of Financial Independence (“FI”) , living internationally, non-geographic specific income making, passive income, anything that comes our way really!

But first a little about me. I grew up primarily in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I also have lived in Vancouver, Fort McMurray, Toronto, and Montreal. Although I had lived in many of the large cities in Canada, it wasn’t until I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies that my eyes were really opened.  I was lucky enough to apply for and get a scholarship to study Chinese in Taiwan –  this was when my mind was really opened about the possibilities of living overseas and loving it.

While my wife and I were living overseas, we managed to travel and get to know: Taiwan (our home base), China, Nepal, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.  We lived in Asia for about 8 years total, but in 2010 a family health crisis made us return to Winnipeg once again.

Upon arriving in Winnipeg we were $20,000 in debt, and jobless (mostly due to the health crisis and the cost of moving back to Canada). I managed to get a job with the civil service in Winnipeg, but at an entry level spot that was close to minimum wage (at 37 years old!).

Fast forward three and a half years, and I finally managed to get a good job that had the potential for excellent career development over the next six years. However, we were $40,000 in debt and sinking fast .

I knew that things were desperate, and so did my wife. We vowed to get out of this black hole of debt by whatever means necessary. Paying for our groceries on the credit card wasn’t going to work anymore! So … we continued to live at the lifestyle point we did when I was in the entry level position, and we cut our expenses even more. Finally we managed to pay off $40,000 in debt in under 2 years (17 months!).

We are now four years into that six (2 more years until I am at the top salary point), and we miss Asia and living overseas in a big way. My job is fine, and the money continues to get better, but the high stress lifestyle, combined with health issues from the job,  have made us look again to other horizons …

Where will the future lead? We are looking to become financially independent and live where ever in the world we desire. Some call this “Early Retirement” –  I don’t really care for that term, because I think that once you are financially independent, you can work how and where you choose. This blog is a testament to that thinking, and through it we can explore these things and all the ideas that come with it, together. Welcome to MarcoPoloMoney!



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