Early Retirement:  Where we stand

Early Retirement: Where we stand

In the realm of Personal Finance, at what point in our quest for Early Retirement and FIRE ( Financial Independence Retire Early) do we say that enough is enough? At what point do we have enough to retire? Or if not interested in a “traditional” retirement of drinking Pina Coladas while sitting on a beach, “waiting for death to arrive”, then when can we start anew doing what you truly want to do with your time?

Here at Marco Polo Money, after many years of dedicated work and applying myself, 4 years ago I finally got the job I was always trying to get. Is it what I hoped for? Absolutely. However, it also is a massive time drain, where my work week is always 50 hours, often 60 hours, and sometimes 70+ hours. It is a high stress job that often consists of shift-work away from family, and requires that important holidays and family events be missed. The bosses do their best to try and help out to minimize this, but it is often very difficult with an understaffed workforce.


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